NelsonMandelaNelson Mandela, a visionary, a revolutionary had been in the news ever since he began his struggle against the apartheid regime of South Africa. He was jailed because of the movement he started against the regime. All major countries pressed for his release and boycotted South Africa, made it an universal outsider and a detainee on the planet. With his release, a whole nation had been set free and it was their triumph.

Additionally, he had forgiven his political adversaries, his foes and even the individuals who had detained him. Upon the arrival of his release he grasped James Gregory, the Warrant Officer and control in Pollsmoor Prison, and even welcomed him to his presidential introduction four years after the fact.

Mandela declined to run for more than one term; Mandela handed over power to his successor; Mandela has forgotten his boss rival, previous South African president Pieter Botha, and even prosecutor Dr Percy Yutar who had attempted to have him demonstrated blameworthy and executed, in the Rivonia Trial.

Mandela was a modern day philosopher ruler. In more rationalist moments he would even be contrasted with a saint. He was the last in the line of incredible men of the twentieth century such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

I am certain I was by all account not the only one so motivated and touched by this extraordinary man. Millions, if not billions heard him talk and for a long time he was the ‘voice of profound quality’ on the planet.

When he denounced the US intrusion of Iraq, calling it a ‘holocaust’, he opened the conduits of challenge against American animosity. His request that the US compel Israel to surrender its atomic weapons had the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) frothing and scrambling for preventive activity.

Albeit other conspicuous open figures had challenged along comparative lines, none had gained the reaction that Madiba, as he was frequently alluded to, did.Mandela had high ethics yet he was likewise suspect to outrage. He was an extraordinary statesman however there have been others. Some way or another this political pioneer wound up having the consolidated force of ruler and Pope, similarly quiet whether in lectern or parliament.
I still remember visiting Mr Sattar Edhi sahab, a Pakistan social worker and an inspiration for millions of Pakistani,  in his office, and the praise he had for Mr Mandela. Mr Edhi had a portrait of the award he received from Mr Mandela for his social services in Pakistan. He told me how much Mr Mandela appreciated his work and wished to help in the efforts.

Mandela a revolutionary and great leader. He has departed this world and but will always remain in the hearts and mind of the millions of people worldwide. It remains to be seen if we ever get a inspirational leader again like Mandela.

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